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-Julia Petts -

Josh Oakes

Hi, I’m Josh. 

In 2007 my wife and I started a day tour company in Melbourne, Australia.

You see, we had no experience in tourism, no business experience, no networks or support and no funds. My IT skills were appalling - I considered myself clueless.

I don’t say this lightly. But it took serious grit, determination and tears - because even after two exhausting years of 60+hour weeks, seven days a week, we were taking home $20,000 a year profit from a $65k revenue. In fact, we came very close to throwing the towel in. Several times.

Anyhow, fast forward seven years ...we’d built that original home-grown business to $2 million plus in annual revenue and created a really great life in the process, before ultimately selling the company in June of 2017 for over seven figures.